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About HoMedics® Tabletop Fountains

There’s something about waterfalls, rainforests, and babbling brooks that soothes us and instills calm. If you can’t be standing near a natural body of water in a far-off green land, enjoy the next best thing with a tabletop fountain right in your home or workspace. Listen to the pleasant, zen-like sounds of a desk fountain burbling over rocks and stones as the everyday sounds of ringing phones and clicking keyboards fade away. HoMedics® offers a variety of indoor fountains to complement your personal space, whether your home is contemporary or has a more classical look. Use your tabletop fountain as a centerpiece on your dining table, or place it on your desk at work to keep your mind calm throughout your work day. You don’t have to focus on just sounds, either — consider a diffuser with essential oils to extend the relaxation to your other senses. Trust us, your mind will appreciate the break.