Essential Oils

Essential Oils

essential oils for diffuser
Dive into the art of aromatherapy with Homedics' premium range of essential oil collections for diffusers. Each blend, from the calming lavender oil to the refreshing peppermint oil, is meticulously crafted to enhance your surroundings with a delightful scent. Our essential oil collection is made to match every mood; from the soothing Clary Sage to the vibrant Citrus Oil, you can experience the pure essential oil quality at home.
elevate your well-being

Selecting the ideal essential oil blend goes beyond fragrance; it’s about enhancing your well-being. Here's why our essential oils are exceptional:

  • Easy to Use: Add a drop of the essential oil of choice to your diffuser to promote relaxation.

  • Therapeutic Properties: Each scent, be it the Eucalyptus Oil or the Tea Tree Oil, offers unique benefits.

  • Accessible Luxury: Enjoy special offers on a range of products and experience a premium, at-home aromatherapy session catered to your wellness needs.
SereneScent fragrance oils: an innovative home fragrance experience
The Homemedics SereneScent Fragrance Oils are USDA certified and 100% biobased, developed using plant-based ingredients. Designed to be used exclusively with the Homedics SereneScent Waterless Home Fragrance Diffuser, the waterless diffuser & oils work together to achieve the precise aroma intensity you desire.

  • Immersive Scents: The natural SereneScent fragrance oil comes with a high-quality middle note and sophisticated top & base notes that will keep the scent in your space for up to 30 days.

  • Mess-Free, Worry-Free Experience: The Homedics SereneScent Waterless Diffuser & Fragrance Oil uses filtered air to spread the aroma. The scented mist sprays in intervals, making sure the diffuser blend is at the precise level of choice.

  • Every day, At-Home Aromatherapy: SereneScent will quickly become your favorite essential oil, with the safe and luxurious experience available at your convenience. From lemon oil to eucalyptus oil, choose the scent that best fits your space for relaxation and stress relief.