Foot Massagers

Foot Massager
If you walk a lot, work at a job that requires long periods of standing, or simply tend to be active, your feet face a lot of stress every day. Tired feet can make physical activity uncomfortable but booking a massage session might be too difficult or expensive. A foot massager can relax your feet right at home with soothing massage features and relaxing heat. A foot massager is an at-home massage device that can imitate the human touch of a kneading shiatsu foot massage. With different massage nodes, heat settings, and intensity levels, a foot massager can recharge tired feet in no time. Some machines also wrap around your calves to provide an overall leg massage, while others utilize air compression that applies general pressure around your feet.
Features to Consider in a Foot Massager

Adjustable Intensity

One of the most important features for many people is being able to adjust the intensity and type of foot massage. Great foot massagers enable you to increase and decrease the intensity to find your desired comfort level.

Portability and Compactness

Some foot massagers must be plugged into an outlet, while others are battery powered. If you’re considering traveling with a foot massager, choose a model that has long battery life. Also, look for a model that’s compact and lightweight. A compact device is easy to slide out of the way while keeping it convenient for the next time you want to use it.

Small and Large Foot Sizes

Make sure the foot massager you’re looking at supports your foot size. Some foot massagers are smaller, while others fit feet up to size 13.

Easy Cleaning

Good foot massagers make cleaning easy so you can make sure your device is clean and fresh for every use. Look for a foot massager that has a removable, washable lining or that is easy to wipe off.

Massage Programs

Some foot massagers feature preset programs that add a dynamic aspect to your massage to even more closely mimic a professional spa massage.

Easy Operation Buttons

With easy-to-read buttons located in a convenient place on the device, you’ll have all of the controls in reach to give yourself the best foot massage possible.

Adjustable Tilt Angle

If you’re looking for a foot and calf massager, a model with an adjustable tilt angle will help you sit comfortably on different chairs and couches.