Therapist Select Foot & Calf Massager


Therapist Select Foot & Calf Massager

Model: FMS-400J

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Product Details

  • Are You on Your Feet All Day?: If you spend a lot of time standing or are constantly on the move, finding comfort can be tough. The Therapist Select Foot & Calf Massager can help calm and relax your feet.
  • Ready for a Foot Massage That Doesn’t End at the Ankle?: This massager provides a full-coverage, deep-kneading, rolling massage experience from calf to toe.
  • Your Massage, Your Rules: 3 settings—low, medium, or high—for a lighter or deeper, more penetrating massage.
  • It’s All Up to You: With 4 unique massage programs, 3 intensity settings, convenient touch controls, and adjustable tilt, you have the power to tailor your massage, so you relax your feet, calves, and mind.
  • What’s in the Box: Homedics Therapist Select Foot & Calf Massager, Removable & Washable Liners, Instruction Bulletin, and 1-Year Limited Warranty

Finally, a foot massage that doesn't end at the ankle

Give your feet and calves the professional-style treatment they deserve:

  • Deep-kneading rolling massage relaxes and soothes calves and feet
  • Low, medium, and high intensity for a customized massage
  • 4 unique massage programs allow you to enjoy the perfect massage
  • Adjustable tilt for a comfortable angle during use
  • Removable, washable liners
Customization options

Customization for Any Occasion

A little variety never hurt. The Therapist Select Foot and Calf Massager has an array of features to customize each massage experience with every use. Choose from 4 unique massage programs and an intensity level of either low, medium, or high.

Comfort is Key

Comfort Is Key

We think of everything, including the need to have comfort each time we sit down to unwind after a long day on our feet. The adjustable tilt angle feature allows for comfort during use, so you can sit back and enjoy without worry.

Easy to Care For

Care Made Easy

Keep your massager clean and fresh by simply unzipping the removable liners and tossing them into the washing machine.

Massage Style: Range of Intensity

See what amazing massage style your HoMedics® massage product offers. Then, consult our chart to learn what range of sensation to expect during use.


Mild-to-moderate pulsation for releasing tension and loosening tight muscles


Gentle, relaxing massage typically in a "wave" motion


Target one specific area for a firmer, more-concentrated massage

Air Compression

Pushes up or down with firm pressure to provide comfort


Simulates finger pressure in a circular motion, plus stretching techniques. Can range from light to intense.


Vigorously pulls, works, and loosens muscles


Intense, rhythmic pressure offers a deep, invigorating massage

Instruction Manuals
& Warranty Info

FMS-400J Instruction Manual & Warranty Information

PDF, 864.0 KB, 28 pages


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