Foot Baths & Foot Spas
After a long and tiring day, treating your tired and swollen feet by soaking them in a foot bath with warm water and bath salts is one of the best ways to relax and recharge. With a heated foot spa, you can give your tired feet the pampering and detoxing they deserve. A foot bath is a device that uses warm water and, in some cases, a combination of bubbles and raised massage rollers to soothe tired feet and help you relax. A cleansing brush and pumice stone can help you exfoliate dead skin and improve circulation on your feet while you’re using your foot bath machine. Special features of these foot baths include heating, massaging, exfoliating, collapsible designs and more.
Features to Consider When Purchasing a Foot Bath

Type of Foot Bath and Spas

  • Heated foot bath: A heated foot bath uses a combination of warm water, comfortable raised nodes, and other features to help promote relaxation and recovery for tired feet.
  • Massaging foot bath: Massaging foot baths use built-in massage nodes or rollers to help relieve tension in your feet, increase circulation, and provide a soothing, all-in-one foot spa relaxation experience.
  • Exfoliating foot spa: An exfoliating foot spa includes attachments, such as a pumice stone and exfoliating brush, that help you exfoliate your feet.
  • Collapsible foot bath: A collapsible foot spa can be folded up and stowed in tight spaces to make it more convenient for your home.
Soothing Heat

One of the key features of a luxurious foot spa is relaxing heat. Let the warm water of a foot spa soothe your tired feet while the heating functionality keeps it at an ideal temperature. This combination of warmth and relaxation soothes tired feet and is an effective tool for foot detox and revitalization.

Easy to Clean

Removable footrests are one way a good foot spa makes it easy to clean and maintain. With less maintenance to think about, you can focus on simply enjoying the relaxing bubbles, heated massage nodes or rollers, and peace and quiet.


If you’d like to experience different foot spa or foot massager experiences, choose a model that has multiple adjustments. On some foot massagers, you can change the heat settings, adjust the massage functionality, or remove the massage nodes altogether. You can even use some foot baths without water to focus solely on the massage.

Easy to Operate

Convenient, toe-touch buttons let you control the heat, bubbles, and massage nodes without bending over or crouching down.

Splash Guard

A foot massager with an integrated splash guard will help you avoid spills and require less cleanup afterward. It’s a simple feature that can make the whole foot spa experience better. A slide-on cover can also keep in some of the heat and steam to better maintain the water temperature.

Massaging Features

If you’re looking for the most spa-like experience, choose a foot bath that features shiatsu massaging nodes or a vibration massage feature. The added foot massage is a great way to relax and focus on releasing the tension that can build up in your feet after a long day. Foot baths that don’t feature moving shiatsu massagers might still include raised massage nodes on the bottom of the basin.

Exfoliating Attachments

Some foot spas come with attachments that help you exfoliate your feet, including a cleansing brush and pumice stone. If you want to soften rough skin on your feet and address dead skin buildup, look for a foot bath that includes these attachments.


Some foot baths are ready to fold up so you can store them in tight places and set them up wherever you’re most comfortable at home.