Mirra Cascade Tabletop Relaxation Fountain


Mirra Cascade Tabletop Relaxation Fountain

Model: WFL-510SO
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Product Details

You'll instantly feel calmed by the unique, modern Cascade Relaxation Fountain by Mirra with its pleasing symmetrical design. The beautiful underwater lighting creates a soft reflection of flowing water as it cascades over the rocks. Plus, the fountain’s convenient tabletop size makes it perfect for your desk at work or as a beautiful centerpiece at home.

Appealing Design

The rounded design of the Cascade Tabletop Relaxation Fountain makes it the perfect addition to any room’s décor. From a soft rounded design with textured ridges for water to gently cascade down to the earth tone stones you bring a little bit of nature into your home with this beautiful fountain.


Setting the tone

The natural water sounds produce a soothing, stress free ambiance while the unique lighting creates a soft reflection of natural water flow. Combined these two features help to set the tone for the beginning of relaxation and kicking back to enjoy quiet

Set the tone

Avoid buildup and mold

Keeping your fountain in working order is important. To do this it requires some simple cleaning and maintenance. Once the fountain has been turned off and emptied start by using a small brush or stream of water to remove debris. To remove hard water deposits, make a mixture of vinegar and water to remove build up. Make sure to change work periodically to keep the fountain clean.

Care and Clean

Key Features

  • Natural Water Sounds Soothing natural water sounds create a stress free ambiance
  • Unique Lighting Unique lighting creates a soft reflection of natural water flow
  • Convenient Tabletop Size 9.75”x9.75”x7.00” for an easy fit on most surfaces

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