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Self Care

Kick back and relax in the comfort of your own home.

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Self Care

About HoMedics® Spa & Beauty Products

We all love the full salon experience, complete with foot massage, pedicure, and soothing scents and sounds. At the same time, we also reeeeally don’t want to leave the house, right? With the HoMedics® line of spa and beauty products, you can turn any home bathroom into your own luxurious home spa. Start by filling your foot spa with water (and maybe some Epsom salts), then turn it on and reinvigorate your tired feet. Use the spa’s built-in features to buff away calluses and massage specific spots. Our spa products also include hair reduction tools that can eliminate any unwanted body hair in (literally) a flash, leaving you unbelievably smooth. Want to keep your personal spa day going? Cleanse your face with a vibrating cleansing brush, then give it a nice, smooth feel with our microdermabrasion tool. And don’t forget to plug in your diffuser during your home salon event. Choose an essential oil to relax or energize you, depending on how you plan to spend the rest of your day. Finally, introduce your hands to baby softness with a paraffin bath. By the time you’re done, you’ll be so relaxed you’ll forget all about that expensive beauty spa you didn’t even have to drive to.