Back Massagers

Back Massager
Whether you’re constantly on your feet or spend many hours a day sitting at a desk, your back is under a lot of stress. Many people deal with sore or stiff backs daily. Fortunately, back massagers are convenient and available right at home to help you relax and release some of the tension in your muscles. An electric back massager uses different massage nodes, heads, vibrations, heat, and other features to provide the experience of a relaxing back massage right at home. Some provide a shiatsu massage, which imitates the finger pressure from a professional masseuse to provide a deep tissue massage that aims to reduce tension and soothe tired muscles. Back massagers come in several forms, such as pillows, cushions, chairs, or percussion handhelds. Whether you prefer the convenience of a massage pillow or teh versatility of a percussion handheld massager, our back massagers provide the ultimate muscle relaxation and relief. From soothing heat to adjustable intensity, try our back massagers now to help reduce back pressure and enhance your massage experience.
Features to Consider in a Back Massager

Convenience and Portability

Do you want a back massager that you can take anywhere and use on the couch, in your favorite chair, and in bed? A back massage pillow offers the greatest flexibility because it’s portable and lightweight. Look for a massage pillow with a runtime that’s long enough for how you plan to use it.

Adjustable Intensity

Many back massagers feature adjustable massage nodes and intensity settings. Some even come with programmed massage sessions. Being able to adjust the massage techniques and intensity of your massage can be a valuable feature for optimal comfort.

Heat Functionality

A back massager with soothing heat functionality adds a level of comfort and relaxation to the massage session. Heat promotes blood flow and helps reduce tension in your sore muscles.

Adjustable Size

If you’re looking for a massage cushion or pad, make sure it’s adjustable to best fit you and your chair. A customizable seat will also enable you to share it with other people in your household. You’ll also want to look for a back massager that includes adjustable straps so you can fit it onto different chairs.

Ergonomic Design

If you’re shopping for a percussive massager, look for a model that features a long, ergonomic handle. You’ll likely be holding it over your shoulder to reach your upper and lower back, so a lightweight design is also important.