Body Flex Back Stretching Mat with Heat


Body Flex Back Stretching Mat with Heat

Model: BM-AC108HJ

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Product Details

  • Air Flexation: Air chambers inflate and deflate in sequence to emulate yoga-style stretches; 3 intensity levels to control stretch
  • Stretching Routines: Twist, Flow, Energize, Stretch, Unwind, Recover; designed by a yoga pro
  • Relaxing Relief: Stretch tight muscles; release back tension; improve flexibility; ease back pain; optional soothing heat
  • Easy-Fold Design: Store flat under bed or raised dresser; tuck into closet or beside cabinet; (turn off, unplug, and completely deflate before storing)
  • What’s in the Box: (1) Homedics Body Flex Back Stretching Mat with Heat, (1) Adapter

Choose between 6 preprogrammed options for the ultimate stretching experience: Twist, Flow, Energize, Stretch, Unwind, and Recover.


The yoga-style stretching can be adjusted between 3 intensity levels. Soothing heat allows for added comfort and relaxation.


Programmed controller makes it easy to alternate between programs. Built-in straps and fold-away design make carrying and storage simple.


Ideal for use after a long day or tough workout. Use it at home, the gym, or take it with you while traveling for relief anywhere.

6 Stretching

Twist: Dynamic program to help decrease tension in shoulders, hips & back
Flow: Progressive flow of stretches to gently mobilize the length of the spine
Energize: Uplifting program to help boost energy
Stretch: All-around stretch to provide relief after long periods of sitting
Unwind: Twists & stretches to help destress & release tension
Recover: Varied tempo program to replenish energy

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