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Health & Fitness

Health and Fitness

Maintain and monitor your fitness with HoMedics fitness monitors and tools

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About HoMedics® Fitness Equipment

After strenuous exercise, you’re going to have sore muscles — that’s just part of the deal. Trust HoMedics® to have the tools you need to speed up your recovery time. Whether you’re looking for a foam roller with vibration for those large muscle groups or a pinpoint massager to zero in on a specific ache, we’ve got a muscle massager to get you back up to 100 percent. Target your back, arms, legs, and feet with our variety of battery-powered massagers that you can use at home, at the gym, or anywhere your workout — or recovery — happens. Stick massagers, ball massagers, and pinpoint massagers target the muscles you’ve been working the hardest. And when you need to keep an eye on your progress, a pulse oximeter will keep track of your pulse rate and blood oxygen level. Take a pulse reading at rest to learn your resting heart rate, and again at your peak to find your optimum workout level. Choose the best health monitor or massage tools to keep your active lifestyle going strong.