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Diagnostic Monitors

Diagnostic Monitors

Maintain your body’s wellness with a manual or automatic blood pressure monitor with Smart Measure™ Technology to measure your blood pressure safely, and accurately

About HoMedics® Blood Pressure Monitors

Take your blood pressure monitoring into your own hands with a HoMedics® blood pressure cuff in the comfort of your home. No need for a nurse or doctor to test your blood pressure; our wrist monitor and cuff designs don’t require a second person. Our monitors feature Smart Measure™ Technology that allows the monitor to inflate and deflate all on its own to the appropriate levels. With large digits, one-touch operation, and advanced technology, it’s easy and fast to get an accurate reading. Use the memory function to keep track of your blood pressure readings as well as your spouse’s. HoMedics® has a variety of cuff sizes to help you find the one that’s just right for your arm. Now you can keep an eye on your heart health and maintain your body’s wellness without leaving the house.