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Wave expensive spa appointments goodbye, and get beautiful, glowing skin in the comfort of your own home with a HoMedics paraffin bath.

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About HoMedics® Paraffin Baths

Your hands work hard trying to ward off germs with hot water and soap — and drying out and cracking for all their effort. What better way to restore soft, supple skin than with a warm paraffin bath? Heat some paraffin wax in the bath and simply dip in your hands (or feet, or even elbows). Then, gently peel off the wax and enjoy the transformed, supple skin underneath. You can’t keep from washing your hands every day, but you can keep them soft between HoMedics® paraffin bath treatments with a bit of lotion or even coconut oil (if you want to keep it natural), blended with your favorite essential oil. Remember to keep plenty of paraffin wax refills handy so you can always treat dry skin. Tired feet or dry hands will benefit from a dip in a warm paraffin bath, helping you delight in the feeling of baby-soft skin once again.