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Choose from a variety of essential oil diffusers and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy in the comfort of your own home

About HoMedics® Diffusers

Scents are a powerful trigger of wonderful memories. Remember that orange grove in Florida you visited with your parents when you were a kid? Or your mom handing you the can of lemon-scented furniture polish to dust the shelves? To this day, lemon makes you think of clean. Stimulate your senses once again with a beautiful aroma diffuser from HoMedics®. Your favorite essential oils won’t just bring back great memories; they’ll also to soothe you after a long day or energize you for that last hour of work when you might be dragging. Aromatherapy is great for when you’re feeling run down and need a natural pick-me-up in the air. A HoMedics® oil diffuser not only distributes great scents into the room, it alleviates dry air and even complements your décor with its design and soothing color-changing lights. Find the best diffuser and essential oils for your needs, whether it’s staying up extra-late or easing yourself to sleep early. And if you need some white noise to focus your mind on rest, consider the SoundSpa® Slumber Scents to take your aroma-enhanced relaxation to the next level.