Sound Sleep Moon Dream Sound Machine & Clock


Sound Sleep Moon Dream Sound Machine & Clock

Model: SS-6200

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  • Sync your sleep with the moon Harness the natural rhythms of the lunar cycle to help improve your sleep quality. Studies show the moon's phases can impact our sleep patterns*, making this alarm clock not just a timekeeper but a wellness tool.
  • Illuminate your night with lunar lightExperience the calming influence of the moon's 9 phases in your own bedroom. Our alarm clock effortlessly mimics the current moon phase with soft, ambient lighting, allowing you to easily adjust the brightness for a natural night-light.
  • Align with nature, enhance your well-beingElevate your sleeping environment with 18 tranquil sounds—7 nature, 8 musical, and 3 zen vibes. Bluetooth® compatibility with premium-quality speakers enhances sleep sounds and streaming music
  • Innovative design meets scientific wonder With a sleek, modern design, this alarm clock is not just functional; it's a conversation starter. It's the perfect blend of science, nature, and art.
  • A unique educational toolPerfect for children and adults alike, this alarm clock educates users about the lunar cycle, fostering curiosity and knowledge about astronomy and the natural world.
  • Highlighted featuresHelps improve sleep quality, enhance well-being, tranquil sound machine, alarm clock, educational tool, Bluetooth® compatible, adjustable brightness.
  • What's in the box (1) Homedics Sound Machine + Bluetooth® Speaker, (1) Backup Battery, (1) Quick-Start Guide with 2-Year Limited Warranty

a wellness tool designed to optimize your rest

moon display
mirrors lunar cycles 

18 sounds to help tune

out distractions

sleek design &

captivating art piece

Bluetooth® compatible
with premium audio speaker


3 brightness levels for
gentle & natural night-light

sync your sleep
with the moon

Tap into the innate rhythms of the lunar cycle to enhance your sleep quality

18 sleep sounds

nature, melodies & zen vibes

Align with nature, enhance your well-being

Image Alternate text

explore the moon

Designed with modern aesthetics and scientific wonder, it fosters curiosity about astronomy and promotes restful sleep

innovative design meets scientific wonder

The perfect blend of science, nature, and art

moonlit ambience, natural night glow

Mimics the moon phase with a soft & natural night-light

Instruction Manuals
& Warranty Info

SS-6200 Instruction Manual

PDF, 957 KB, 29 pages


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