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Sound Machines

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Sound Machine
Street noise, neighbors, and even your own family members can create noise that makes it hard to sleep or focus. Sound machines aim to solve that problem by covering up distracting noises with soothing sounds. A sound machine night light produces a calming, relatively stable sound to help you stay asleep and prevent other sounds from distracting you or keeping you awake. Sound machines are also called white noise machines as many models produce white noise, which is a specific frequency of noise that sounds like radio static. Models usually also include many sound options to choose from, including natural sounds like ocean waves, rustling wind, and thunder; fan sounds; and ambient electronic sound options. Some even feature lullabies or soothing instrumental music. Sound machines also generally include timer and volume settings.
Features to Consider in a Sound Machine

AC Power or Batteries

Many sound machines must be plugged into an outlet, but some sound machines can run on rechargeable or replaceable batteries. If you use your sound machine every night, choose a sound machine that you can plug into the wall. If you’re planning to travel with a sound machine, consider buying a battery-powered model for better portability.

Volume Controls

A key feature of white noise sound machines is an adjustable volume setting. Especially if you’re using white or ambient noise while you sleep, you’ll want fine control over the volume of the sound. That lets you set it to play loudly enough to cover up background noise but not so loudly that it keeps you awake.


If you want to use a white noise machine to fall asleep but don’t want to leave it on all night, look for a device with a built-in timer. Another option is to use a white noise machine’s timer functionality to set focused work sessions. Use the sound machine to help you avoid distracting noises while you work and take breaks when the sound stops.

Night Light

Some sound machines include night lights. If you don’t like lights in your sleeping environment, make sure you choose a sound machine that lets you turn off its night light or power indicator light.