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Cushions, pillows, and more that will help you stay rested and relaxed on the road and in the air — without overcrowding your luggage.

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  1. Mobile Comfort™ Portable Back Pro with Heat

    The HoMedics Mobile Comfort™ Portable Back Pro With Heat features an ergonomic frame that supports your back while you travel. Rhythmic air compression gently massages your back to release tension while soothing heat provides added comfort and can be used independently or combined with the massage functions. Three speeds of low, medium or high as well as a 2 air massage programs for additional variety and customization allows for a personalized massage experience. A hand controller and car adapter are included for convenience and ease of use. Learn More
  2. Mobile Comfort™ Perfect Temp Travel Cushion


    The HoMedics Mobile Comfort™ Perfect Temp Travel Cushion makes traveling comfortable. A six-motor vibration massage design allows for entire back and seat massage. The unique zone control feature provides a customizable massage experience. The soothing heat option can be used independently or along with the vibration massage feature. Unique cooling controls keep you comfortable on hot days. The cooling option can be used independently or in combination with the vibration setting. A convenient hand controller allows you to switch between two speeds of high, low, zones, vibration, heat or cold.

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  3. Mobile Comfort™ Heated Travel Blanket

    Travel in style with the HoMedics Mobile Comfort™ Heated Travel Blanket. The 2-in-1 functionality allows you turn this full-size blanket into a soft and cozy pillow. The soothing heat setting keeps you warm and cozy while the invigorating vibration massage option that soothes and relaxes tired muscles. Easy to use integrated controls offer a customizable massage experience.

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  4. Mobile Comfort™ Deluxe Travel Cushion

    The HoMedics Mobile Comfort™ Travel Cushion provides an invigorating vibration massage that comforts your back. A soothing heat provides added relaxation. You can choose between two speeds of high or low and an auto adapter with integrated controls that is positioned for easy reach and convenience is included.

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  5. Mobile Comfort™ Travel Cushion

    Train, plane, car — your preferred mode of transport just got a lot more comfortable. Our HoMedics Travel Cushion comforts your back after long hours seated with invigorating vibration massage (choose from high- or low-speed). The soothing heat option melts away the miles in seconds. The cushion comes with an auto adapter for car use, featuring helpful integrated controls that put everything within easy reach. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just have a long car or train ride to work, relief is speeding your way. Learn More
  6. Mobile Comfort Memory Foam Neck Pillow

    As low as $19.99
    HoMedics® Mobile Comfort™ Memory Foam Neck Pillow & Vibration Massager makes traveling more comfortable. A soft memory foam design provides support and comfort, while the invigorating vibration massage setting relaxes tense neck muscles. Two speeds of low or high allow for a customizable experience. A removable, washable cover allows you to enjoy a fresh, clean pillow each time you travel. To power, simply insert the provided, 4 AA batteries. Want to block out noisy neighbors on a train or plane -- we have you covered with a pair of ear plugs accompanying each pillow.

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  7. Mobile Comfort™ Travel Eye Mask

    As low as $19.99
    Don't leave home without the HoMedics Mobile Comfort™ Travel Eye Mask with Vibration Massage. The light-blocking and cushioned fabric design makes this mask soft and comfortable. The mild vibration massage feature aids in soothing away tension and helps you to relax. Built-in over ear headphones, that can be used with the included auxiliary cord, offer convince and eliminates the bulk of wearing an eye mask plus headphones or earbuds. The vibration function is powered by a CR 2032 battery.

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About HoMedics® Travel-Friendly Accessories

Whether you travel constantly for work or just look forward to the annual family vacation, it’s tough to leave the massage and relaxation items you depend on at home. That’s why HoMedics has developed a line of travel-sized cushions, pillows, and more that will keep you relaxed during your travels — and when you reach your destination, too. Items like our Deluxe Travel Cushion and Memory Foam Neck Pillow make cramped hours in a plane or car more comfortable. Meanwhile, our 2-Motor Vibration Cushion eases away the tension of a long journey, while making you feel right at home during your stay — wherever your travels take you and your loved ones.