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  1. Duo Quartz Permanent Hair Reduction

    Waxers, shavers, pluckers and epilator haters alike can rejoice, the bumpy and prickly journey to long lasting and low maintenance smoothness is over. Fast and effective, the new Duo Quartz is a safe, pain-free IPL laser hair removal solution to achieving permanent hair reduction. The Homedics Duo Quartz uses Intense Pule Light (IPL) and Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT). The IPL function is a high power one touch control that is perfect for underarm and bikini lines. The AFT Freegluide option is a fast flash option for short treatments times which makes it great for areas like your legs. Each Quartz Duo comes with a quartz lamp charged with 300,000 pulses so there is no need to charge it. This cleverly designed home laser hair removal device has a Skin Sensor. The white (or blue, depending on the energy level) light will continue flashing from the moment you switch it on until the device meets your skin, which means the Duo Quartz has made direct contact and is ready to use. Use the fact applicator for delicate areas of your skin. Learn More
  2. Duo Lite Permanent Hair Reduction

    The Duo Lite IPL Hair Removal device from HoMedics is easy to use in home hair removal device. Advanced Fluoresence Technology (AFT) Freeglide and Intense Pulsed High (IPL) provides flexible treatments. Five treatment levels allow for controlled customization for different parts of the body and skin types except for individuals with blond, red or gray hair. Learn More
  3. Duo Climate Hot and Cold Sonic Facial Wand

    The HoMedics Duo Climate Facial Wand features four treatment levels for a customized experience. The hot mode is used to infuse creams and serums while the cold mode is used to reduce redness and puffiness. Switch from hot to cold in only three seconds. The sonic vibration feature can be used with either hot or cold. The included battery is USB rechargeable. The cordless design is ideal for travel and portability. Learn More
  4. Radiance Microdermabrasion Exfoliation Device

    The HoMedics® Radiance Microdermabrasion Exfoliation Device is our handheld home microdermabrasion device. Each microdermabrasion device features a salon grade diamond tip and a beautiful rose gold finish. It is safe and gentle for all skin types to use and comes equipped with 50 replaceable filters for easy cleaning. There are 4 intensity levels for both maximum comfort and effectiveness. The LED level indicator allows you to adjust the each intensity setting to suit individual needs. Each recharge cycle provides up over 2 hours of use. Learn More
  5. Body Shaping Massager

    The HoMedics Body Shaping Massager comes with three attachments for different areas of the body such as legs, arms and a smaller head for individual area spot focus. A variable intensity allows you to shape, firm and smooth. Soothing heat aids in easing tension. A built-in hand strap and ergonomic and lightweight design allows for ease of use. Learn More
  6. Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush

    The Homedics Silicone Facial Cleanser provides sonic vibrations for gentle cleansing or an invigorating massage suitable for all skin types. Three textured surfaces allow for cleansing and massage. The medical grade silicone is soft and gentle on skin while also being easy to clean. There are 8 intensity levels to provide a customized experience. The waterproof design allows for use during your shower and bath. The rechargeable battery allows for portability and ease of use while the included storage back keeps everything together. Learn More
  7. Silicone Body Cleansing Brush

    The Silicone Body Cleanser by Homedics is made from medical grade silicone scrubber that is soft to the touch, gentle on skin and easy to clean. It's suitable for all skin types! Three textured surfaces allow for cleansing and massaging with sonic vibrations provide gentle cleansing or an invigorating massage. The eight intensity levels allow you to customize your massage experience. The waterproof and rechargeable design allow for portability without being weighed down. An included storage bag makes it easy to pack up and take it on the go as well. Learn More
  8. Pedicure Callus Remover

    The HoMedics Pedicure Callus Remover features a curvy and ergonomic shape that is great for easy one-handed use. Three rollers of fine, coarse and extra coarse allow you to customize your pedicure experience. The powerful motor features two speeds and is powered by three "AAA" batteries. Learn More
  9. Compact Charging LED Mirror

    HoMedics introduces the 2-in-1 double duty Compact Charging LED Mirror. The built in 3000 mAh battery pack charges most micro-USB devices including smartphones and tablets. The LED ring light makes it easy to for close-up application and touch ups on the go in the dark. An LED indicator display on the side of the mirror keeps the power level in check. The built in mirror features 1x and 5x magnification to perfect every look. Learn More