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Back & Shoulder Percussion Massager with Heat

Model: NMS-600

Massage Intensity Meter

Mild Intense

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The HoMedics® Back and Shoulder Percussion Massager delivers powerful percussion action to relax tense muscles. Whether you®re looking to target your shoulders, upper or lower back, this massager is for you with up to 720 pulses per minute. With built-in flexible straps, you®re able to relax tense muscles in hard-to-reach areas. Add heat to further sooth tight muscles.


  • Powerful Percussion Action relaxes tense muscles
  • 1 Standard, plus 3 Massage Modes, specifically engineered to comfort muscles
  • Soothing Heat relaxes tight muscles
  • Massage 3 ways:
    • Shoulders
    • Upper Back
    • Lower Back
  • Adjustable Intensity up to 720 pulses per minutes
  • Flexible Straps massage hard to reach areas

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