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  • How do I connect to my massage unit after it has been added to the HoMedics massage app?

    Once the unit is plugged into power, simply flip the toggle switch to the right of the specific product. If you are having difficulty connecting, verify the unit is connected to power, and that other smartphones are not connected.

  • How do I add a new massage unit to the HoMedics massage app?

    Simply plug in the massage unit to power and then select the + icon in the HoMedics Massage App. Select your unit from the list and follow the on-screen instructions.

  • Can I remove a massage unit from my app?

    Of course! On the main menu simply swipe to the left on the device you would like to remove. Select the red Delete button that appears. Note: You must be disconnected from device before it can be removed.

  • The app is asking for my location via GPS, why does HoMedics need this information?

    Android phones running version 6.0 or higher require a prompt for GPS when Bluetooth is enabled. HoMedics is not gathering or using this information.

  • Can I program a massage longer than 15 minutes?

    We recommend a maximum of 15 minutes for custom massages using the app and cannot be increased.

  • Can I connect more than one device to my massage unit at the same time?

    Absolutely! As long as it is a HoMedics Bluetooth supported massage, the HoMedics Massage App has been designed for a full multi-massage experience.

  • Can I listen to meditations or soothing sounds without being paired to my cushion?

    You can listen at any time by selecting "skip this step" inside of the Massage app to listen to meditations without the use of your HoMedics Bluetooth enabled massage product.

  • Can I pause and resume my meditation instead of starting or stopping?

    Unfortunately due to some limitations, meditations can only be started from the beginning of the routine and can only be restarted.

  • How does the Bluetooth indicator work on my remote? (MCS-1005HJ Only)

    When the massage cushion is powered on, the Bluetooth indicator will flash blue while pairing with your mobile device. When your mobile device is successfully paired with the cushion through the app, the indicator will have a steady blue LED to indicate it is paired.

    NOTE: The blue LED will flash for 30 seconds when attempting to pair. If it does not successfully pair with your device, it will turn off.

  • What products does the HoMedics Massage Meditation feature work with?

    At this moment in time only our back massage cushions will work with the meditations and soothing sounds. (MCS-1005HJ, MCS-1000HTL, and MCS-1000H)


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