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Sleep & Relaxation

Trouble sleeping? Let HoMedics renew the relaxation and comfort you’ve been missing. Our line of specialty pillows help you sleep soundly. You’ll wake feeling rested, rejuvenated, and revitalized.

Memory Foam

Our memory foam designs mold to your body's natural contours, giving you superior support. Your body’s natural heat activates the contouring process which creates soothing comfort.

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Micropedic Foam Beads

Give yourself the gift of a better night's sleep. Our supportive pillows made with Micropedic Foam Beads cradle your head and neck in comfort to help keep your body properly aligned. An exclusive quad-chamber design helps the pillows retain their shape so you can get a more restful sleep without that constant fluffing!

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Audio Features
  1. Alarm clock (3)
  2. AM/FM radio (3)
  3. Image projection (2)
  4. Nature sounds (4)
  5. Remote control (1)
  6. Snooze Function (3)
  7. Temperature (1)
  1. Memory Foam (4)
  2. SQUSH (1)
  3. Micropedic Foam Beads (4)
Pillow Style
  1. Contour (1)
  2. Support (3)
  3. Traditional (4)
  4. Travel (1)
Humidifier Run Time
  1. 24 hour per filling (1)
Soothing Sounds
  1. Yes (4)

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  1. TheraP® Memory Foam Neck Support Pillow

    TheraP® Memory Foam Neck Support Pillow


    By cushioning and supporting the neck and head, our TheraP® Memory Foam Neck Pillow relaxes and puts you at ease. The memory foam design actually molds to your body's natural contours giving you superior support.
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  2. SoundSpa® On-The-Go

    SoundSpa® On-The-Go


    Our SoundSpa® On-The-Go is stylishly designed for travel and provides soothing sounds wherever you and your baby go. Choose from 4 tranquil sounds and use the clip & go to attach to any stroller, diaper bag, crib, and more.
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  3. SoundSpa™ Mini Portable Sound Machine (side view)

    SoundSpa® Mini Portable Sound Machine


    The SoundSpa™ Mini Portable Sound Machine creates a comforting environment for sleep relaxation and aid no matter where you are. Choose from 4 natural sounds and let the tranquility wash all your stress away.
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  4. SqÜsh®  Pillow - Heart Shaped

    SqÜsh® Pillow - Heart Shaped


    Our SqÜsh Heart Shaped Pillow is packed full of high volume beads and surrounded by superior nylon-spandex fabric and quality stitching for ultimate squishiness. Its heart shaped design is just begging for a hug!
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