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Trouble sleeping? Let HoMedics renew the relaxation and comfort you’ve been missing. Our line of specialty pillows help you sleep soundly. You’ll wake feeling rested, rejuvenated, and revitalized.

  1. HoMedics SoundSpa®



    Use the HoMedics® SoundSpa® to create a peaceful sleep environment, fall asleep faster and wake up completely rested. Equipped with six soothing, natural sounds, our SoundSpa allows you choose from white noise, thunder, ocean, rain, summer night and brook, while unwinding from your day. It’s almost makes the perfect addition to any nursery. The rhythmic sounds instill a feeling of comfort that lulls people of all ages to sleep with a built-in auto-off timer.
  2. EnviraScape™ Buddha Illuminated Relaxation Fountain

    EnviraScape™ Buddha Illuminated Relaxation Fountain


    The HoMedics® EnviraScape™ Buddha Illuminated Relaxation Fountain harnesses the sound of gentle water flow to create a calming, stress-free ambiance. Its soft illumination adds a more dramatic effect to any room.
  3. TheraP® Memory Foam Contour Pillow

    TheraP® Memory Foam Contour Pillow


    HoMedics® Ortho+Therapy Memory Foam Contour Pillow has a contoured shape to support your head & neck and relieve pressure. Using your natural body heat, the thermo-sensitive memory foam contours perfectly to properly support your head and neck.
  4. HoMedics myBaby SoundSpa® Portable

    SoundSpa® Portable


    The HoMedics® SoundSpa® Portable is a perfect way to melt away stress and bring about tranquility to any environment for you and your baby. Choose from six natural sounds, including heartbeat, white noise, ocean, summer night, thunderstorm and brook. Perfect for the new mom or traveler, bring the soothing sound of nature wherever you go, and comes with a built-in auto-off timer!
  5. EnviraScape™ Silver Springs Relaxation Fountain

    EnviraScape™ Silver Springs Relaxation Fountain


    We combine sleek shades of silver and black with a bed of natural river rocks to accent this beautiful piece of Asian inspiration.
  6. EnviraScape™ Mariposa Relaxation Fountain

    EnviraScape™ Mariposa Relaxation Fountain


    The HoMedics® EnviraScape™ Mariposa Relaxation Fountain creates a serene, stress free ambiance with a floral-inspired design. This fountain draws inspiration from the natural beauty of a lotus-filled pond and brings the peace and tranquility of the outdoors into your home.
  7. SoundSpa® Lullaby Sounds & Projection (myBaby)

    SoundSpa® Lullaby Sounds & Projection


    The HoMedics® SoundSpa® Lullaby has six soothing sounds, rotating picture projection and an auto-timer. Your baby will love the motion projection, with three image disks to choose from including jungle, starry night, or ocean. The projection can be rotated onto wall or ceiling and the simple sound buttons make it easy to find the exact sound you need to relax and soothe your baby to sleep.
  8. HoMedics myBaby Automatic Soap Dispenser with Training Song

    Automatic Soap Dispenser with Training Song


    The HoMedics® myBaby® Automatic Soap Dispenser with Training Song works with any brand of liquid hand soap. This adorable dispenser automatically dispenses the perfect amount of soap and then plays a training song for 20 seconds as recommended by Center for Disease Control. The additional drip tray is magnetic and easily removes for easy cleaning. Help your children have fun while learning proper hand washing technique!
  9. HoMedics myBaby Touch-Free Hand Sanitizer

    Hand Sanitizer with Touch-Free Operations


    The HoMedics® Touch-Free Hand Sanitizer is a great way to help keep your nursery free of germs. It works with any brand of liquid hand sanitizer and sits perfectly next to your changing table or diaper station. It’s even motion activated with an adjustable controller that dispenses the right amount of sanitizer or gel every time for ultimate convenience.
  10. HoMedics myBaby SoundSpa® Slumber Whale

    SoundSpa® Slumber Whale


    The HoMedics® SoundSpa® Slumber Whale gives you the power to create the ideal environment to lull your baby to sleep. Choose from three soothing natural sounds including heartbeat, white noise, ocean, or three tender lullabies including Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Rock-a-Bye Baby and Brahm’s Cradle. The SoundSpa Slumber Whale comes with a built-in motion picture projector to give you the option of putting on a dazzling light show.

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