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Oscillating Tower HEPA Air Cleaner with UV-C (120 CADR)

Model: AR-45

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A powerful tool for ridding your environment of pet hair and dander, pollen, smoke and dust, the HoMedics® Ocsillating Tower HEPA Air Cleaner with UV-C is engineered to make the air in your home cleaner, fresher and healthier. The UV-C light kills bacteria and viruses, while the long-lasting, cleanable HEPA filter removes up to 99% of airborne contaminants.

  • Advanced filtration system for cleaner, sweeter smelling air
    • Improves indoor air quality by removing 99% of allergens ® pet fur, dander, odors, dust, pollen, mold and more
    • Long lasting, hypoallergenic HEPA filter
    • UV-C light kills bacteria, fungus and viruses
    • Carbonized pre-filter removes odors
  • Air cleaning your way
    • Three air cleaning speeds
    • 120 CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate)
    • Whisper-quiet motorized oscillation
  • Convenient to use
    • LED backlit, touchpad controls
    • Remote control
    • 4 auto-timer settings (up to 12 hours)
    • Electronic filter check and UV-C bulb replacement monitors

Energy Star® certified. For medium to large rooms (up to 186 sq ft).

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You can��t run away from pollen. Just one plant can release as many as a billion grains of pollen during late summer and fall. You can��t even escape airborne allergens by going into space or out to sea.

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