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HoMedics Full Back Cushion with Custom Fit Massage Mechanics

Full Back Cushion with Custom Fit Massage

Model: MCS-490H

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Customize your massage experience with the HoMedics® Full Back Cushion with Custom Fit Massage. With its four-shiatsu massaging nodes, this massage cushion travels up and down your entire back to deliver a comforting massage. Whether you’re looking to target your upper, lower or full back, the Full Back Cushion has it all. Adjust the chairs height and width to create the perfect fit for your body while you choose from three different massage styles from the programmable remote control. Customize your massage intensity by selecting a deep kneading massage, gentle rolling massage or targeted spot massage.

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  • 4 Shiatsu Massage Nodes: Customizes to the area you need it most, Full, Upper or lower Back
  • Height Adjustment: Sets the massage to your height
  • Width Adjustment: Creates the perfect fit for your body
  • Programmable Remote Control: Lets you control your massage
  • 3 Massage Styles: Kneading- For a deep massage; Rolling- For a gentle massage; Spot- For a targeted massage

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May 27, 2014

I really liked it while it was working. I got one as a gift and it worked fine for a few months then it just stopped. They replaced it, but after a while the second one went out too. It just stopped in one spot and made a funny noise. I am really sad to see it out again,becuase when I did need it to help with a bad spot on my back, it really helped. I didn't use it often but when I did, I really needed it. It isn't worth the money if it doesn't last longer. The quality is in question, but what it does is good.


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