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  1. Foot & Calf Massager side view

    Foot & Calf Massager

    The HoMedics Foot & Calf Massager delivers a tension releasing vibration massage to your feet and calves. Its accu-node massage surface provides a multi-point sensation to your toes, arches, and heels. Whether you’re in the comfort of your favorite chair or lounging on your bed, the Foot & Calf Massager gives you a relaxing vibration massage for your feet and calves. With a versatile design, this foot massager can be folded down and easily stored away. Learn More
  2. HoMedics Vibration Foot Massager

    Vibration Foot Massager

    The HoMedics® Vibration Foot Massager uses a massage roller to provide multi-point sensations for your feet. With an integrated, toe-touch control, you can easily switch between a foot massage or a foot massage with heat. Learn More
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