Rapid Relief Electronic Pain Pad uses clinically proven, TENS Technology. TENS – stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. A TENS device is able to provide relief by emitting a gentle electrical impulse through the skin that blocks the nerves from transmitting pain to the body’s pain center. TENS treatments have been used for several years by pain doctors and physical therapists to treat professional, serious and recreational athlete’s aches and pains. TENS devices were previously only available with a doctor’s prescription.

Stop Your Pain...
Not Your Life.™

In pain? Let Rapid Relief™ Electronic Pain Relief pad be your solution.

It’s clinically proven to deliver immediate pain relief to the lower back, arms, and legs.

Rapid Relief™ gets you back to your life and the things you love doing.

Available without a prescription in your drug store’s pain relief aisle. No drugs or messy creams.

TENS technology blocks the pain signals safely and effectively.

Compact and wireless to wear under clothing to discreetly treat pain on the go, whenever it is needed.

Rapid Relief Pain Relief Pad

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How Rapid Relief™ works

Rapid Relief™ Electronic Pain Relief Pad is a wireless Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) device that can be a valuable addition to your pain treatment regimen.

It’s as simple and convenient to use as ‘apply where it hurts,’ with no drugs, no shots or wires, and no worries about messy applications.

TENS devices work by emitting a controlled micro-electronic current, called impulses, through the skin to block the nerves from transmitting pain signals to the body’s pain center. TENS treatments have been used for years by pain doctors and physical therapists to treat professional, serious and recreational athlete’s aches and pains.

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Why Rapid Relief™?

  • Safe, effective, immediate relief
  • Clinically-proven treatment
  • No prescription required; available in your drug store’s pain relief aisle
  • Easy to use: Apply where it hurts, whenever it hurts
  • Drug-free, latex-free, odor-free
  • No mess, no shots, no wires, no worries
  • Small size for use under clothing
  • Among lowest cost-per-use options for pain relief
  • Fifteen levels of adjustable intensity
  • Stops pain at the source, so you can live your life

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What people are saying about Rapid Relief™

“Ever since I hurt my leg three years ago playing basketball with my son, I've dealt with lingering pain that comes and goes making me feel older than my 42 years. I've spent more money than I'd care to admit on physical therapy, ibuprofen and even tried acupuncture. My wife and kids won't go near me when I use the menthol cream. So I was excited to try Rapid Relief when I heard about it. The best relief I found was when my physical therapist hooked me up to the electrodes in his office, but my insurance didn't cover it and neither did my paycheck. I've used the Rapid Relief Pad for a few weeks now anytime I feel that ache in my leg that has stopped me in my tracks in the past. I love being able to stick on the pain pad, turn it on, and just go on with my life. This thing works! Thank you!”

- Jeff

“After waking up with unbearable lower back pain, I tried HoMedics Rapid Relief-- initially recommended by a friend. The Rapid Relief is a lifesaver! Since it is discreet and small, I used it throughout the work week, several times a day, while I was sitting at my desk. With no harsh odors and its convenient size, it is easy to use anywhere at any time. It alleviated my lower back pain and by the end of the week I was as good as new. I recommend this product to everyone for rapid pain relief!”

- Matt

“I've had chronic lower back pain after a minor car accident two years ago. Every so often, the pain acts up and puts me out of commission for a few days. I take OTC pain relievers but 2 hours into the medication the pain creeps back slowly and by the time I get home the pain is horrible and I still have 2 more hours till i can take my next dose. It was at the point where i needed to try something else or a combo of the two. I sent my husband to Walgreens, he came home with the Rapid Relief Pad. He said when he played high school football (a long time ago) they used something like this on his arm when his muscles were sore. I was a little nervous because the package says it emits an electrical pulse but I would try anything, the pain was so bad. I put it on myself (really simple by the way) 10 minutes in the pain was gone! I couldn't believe how fast it worked.
Now I take it with me everywhere. It has a travel case which i now throw in my bag. When the pain acts up I don't even bother with the OTC pills anymore I go straight to Rapid Relief!”

- Melissa

“I had a strained calf that sidelined my daily running regimen. I used the TENS unit a couple times a day for about a week and eliminated the pain. It is much easier and better than icing. I would just stick it on the affected area, turn it on and adjust the intensity to whatever felt good and go about my business. Automatically shuts off after 20 minutes. Easy as 1, 2, 3 and it worked.”

- Jessica

Get back to your life with Rapid Relief