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SoundSpa® Lullaby Sounds & Projection

myBaby MYB-S300

SoundSpa® Lullaby Sounds & Projection (myBaby)

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The SoundSpa® Lullaby has 6 soothing sounds, rotating picture projection and an auto-timer. Your baby will love the motion projection, with 3 image disks to choose from. The projection can be rotated onto wall or ceiling and the simple sound buttons make it easy to find the exact sound you need to relax and soothe your baby to sleep.

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  • SoundSpa®  Lullaby Sounds & Projection
  • SoundSpa®  Lullaby Sounds & Projection
  • SoundSpa®  Lullaby Sounds & Projection
  • SoundSpa®  Lullaby Sounds & Projection
  • SoundSpa® Lullaby Sounds & Projection (myBaby)
  • 3 soothing natural sounds: Heartbeat, Rain & Ocean
  • 3 tender lullabies: Twinkle, Twinkle, Rock-a-Bye Baby, Brahm’s Cradle Song
  • Rotating picture projector includes 3 image disks- Jungle, Starry Night, Ocean and project on wall or ceiling
  • Choose sounds, projection or both combined
  • Auto-off Timer: 15, 30, 45, 60 minutes

April 16, 2014

I've used the sound option for my daughter since she was a few weeks old. She's now 3 and we still use it everynight. The rain setting is great white noise and blocks outside sounds so she can sleep through the night. We just recently started using the projector. It's a great feature that my daughter loves, but the motor is quite noisy. Fortunately, we use the sound at the same time, so they blend together and don't seem to bother my LO. Would highly recommend for all new moms and babies. Helps everyone in our house sleep better.


October 29, 2013

I gave the product three stars simply due to the fact that our twins love this machine, but we are on our fourth one in less than a year - the projection mechanism on the machine lasts roughly 8 weeks, give or take a couple. I have registered one complaint (so far) with Homedics. They did offer to replace the machine after sending me a label to return the faulty one, which I appreciate, but then we would be without one for several weeks. Instead, I have chosen to return the item to the place of purchase and have it replaced immediately there. Homedics says they do not have any information to offer their consumers as to what quality control is doing to fix this long-running issue with this product.


October 23, 2013

Our 18 month old was having issues sleeping through the night. He would wake up after about 4 or 5 hours and simply wouldn't go back to sleep. Literally the first night we used this, he stayed in his bed asleep all night long. I can't praise this product enough!


October 5, 2013

We absolutely love it! Works great- really like that both the brightness and volume can be adjusted. Good songs and nature noises and the disks are very cute! The only reason that I did not give it the full 5 stars is because my husband and I wish that we could purchase more discs (not that the ones that come with are not great, but as he becomes a toddler it would be nice to be able to change it up a bit).


September 11, 2013

One of our baby product best buys! Bought it as a gift, but kept it for my baby she liked it so much. She has no problems falling asleep alone if its on. Very portable too, which makes traveling and sleep overs less disruptive to her sleep. Rain setting is perfect white noise. Every once in a while projector acts up, we give it a break for 1-2 days and its fine again. Timer is great, soothes her to sleep but still allows her to sleep most the night in the dark, like experts recommend. We only wish they made more discs! The 3 it comes with are super cute, but after a year my husband and I are slightly bored of them (of course not our daughter though). Definitely recommend!


August 29, 2013

My cousin passed her sound spa down to me. My baby loves it. The time is fantastic so you can set it & forget it. WE change out the prejection disc regularly. Its so cute to walk in & see her staring up at the ceiling in Amazement!


March 7, 2013

Love this product. Buy it for all new mom's as a shower gift. We literally can't live with out it.


December 31, 2012

This sound spa is so awesome! Absolutely perfect! Purchased for baby not yet born, but the sound is great. I purchased another sound spa and the speaker / sound was very cheap, so I returned it for this one. Love the projection, buttons are easy. Only has 6 sounds, but they are the perfect sounds, 3 sounds and 3 songs, just right. Also, it is not annoying at all for parents. Some baby sound spas have annoying sounds that would drive a parent nuts, and this one doesn't at all. Sounds very nice. I can see where this would be something to use infant through toddler and even beyond ! And, great price ! Found ours at Target.


December 19, 2012

My daughter would not sleep more than 4 hours at night. The first night we used this she slept 7 hours. Thank you so much.


November 13, 2012

Love this! Finally found it at Target. Have it for our twins and I will be buying another one once they get their own rooms. Perfect idea


August 30, 2012

Love this product. Got it at Target when my baby was about 6 or 8 months old. She is two and we still use it every night. Now she decides which picture disc to project at night time. The pictures are great and the sounds are very nice and soothing. I wish there were additional picture discs to buy.


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    • my soundspa is 4 months old and the projector has stoped working, is this something that I can fix?
    • Sorry, but no. Based on what you have described, the product will need to be exchanged. Please contact a Consumer Relations Representative at 1-800-466-3342 for assistance.
    • Question asked by kimm evans at 9/22/12 1:15 AM
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